State Health and Wellness

Ideas for State Association Meetings​ 

There are many health and wellness ideas to support the personal well-being of CRNAs and student nurse anesthetists close to where they live and work. 

Benefits to promoting health and wellness:

  • Adds variety and networking opportunities
  • Helps encourage healthy behaviors 
  • Provides awareness of the occupational risk of substance use disorder (SUD)
  • Informs members of available AANA resources for assisting colleagues with SUD

Ideas and resources:

  • Involve your state's State Peer Advisor (SPA) volunteer. All SPAs have participated in education and training for readiness to provide education and outreach in your state.
  • Build awareness with the State Health and Wellness Exhibit Toolkit (link on left hand side of this page). Includes a printable version of these ideas as well as available handouts or art for the display. ​
  • Include Health/Wellness and Substance Use Disorder Topics: there are a myriad of health and wellness topics that are beneficial to your audience.​ See CRNA Wellness and Substance Use Disorder Speakers (link on left hand side of this page).
  • Offer Wellness Activities to your Attendees: 
    • There are lots of creative ideas - 5K walk/runs, yoga, tai chi, salsa dancing, Zumba, etc.
    • Poll your membership - you may discover that several members are skilled to run a class or eager to lead a group of walkers or runners.  
    • Designate a specific meeting spot and time for runners and walkers to informally congregate and go out as a group.
  • Add Fundraising Opportunities to your Wellness Display: 
    • Run a game or raffle to encourage social responsibility.  
    • Raise funds to donate to nonprofits such as the AANA Foundation for scholarships, the Jan Stewart Memorial Wellness Lecture Series fund, a local charity, or a cause related to patient safety. 
  • Invite AANA and State Association Leadership: AANA Leadership​ supports CRNA and student nurse anesthetists' wellness. Invite national and state leaders to be included in your health and wellness activities. 
  • Bring Wellness Resources to your Meeting Attendees:
    • Post information on local houses of worship - spiritual wellness opportunity for those away from home.
    • Schedule an Anesthetists in Recovery (AIR) support meeting. Your state's SPA can provide information.
    • List or link to information about the hotel's fitness center or local classes.