Jan Stewart Memorial Wellness Lecture Series

Jan Stewart Memorial Wellness Lecture - My Life with Dirty John: A Story of Addiction, Deception, and SurvivalTonia Bales, CRNA

Sunday, August 11 | 7:45 AM - 9:00 AM

Tonia Bales, CRNA, gives a detailed version of her life and experience of being married to the infamous and disgraced CRNA John Meehan, AKA "Dirty John."

Learning Objectives:

  1. Examine how the non reporting of an addict by multiple healthcare facilities permitted him to move from job to job and state to state all while continually jeopardizing the safety of patients.
  2. Discuss how a CRNA's naivety played a central role in her addict husband's ability to successfully live a life of lies for over a decade.
  3. Discuss the extensive collateral damage of an addict both personally and professionally.

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Past Annual Meeting​ Speaker/Topic​

#15: 2018, Boston 
15th Annual Jan Stewart Memorial Lecture
"Another Day of Surgery: Lessons at the Sharp End of Care" panel discussion featuring speakers Linda Kenney, President, Medically Induced Trauma Support Services (MITSS), Rick van Pelt, MD, MBA, Associate Clinical Principal, The Chartis Group, and Maria van Pelt, PhD, CRNA, Program Director, Northeastern University.

#14: 2017, Seattle
"Safe Anesthesia Care of the Patient with Substance Use Disorder" panel discussion featuring speakers Brad Hutto, MHS, CRNA, Brian Selai, MSN, CRNA, USGRA and Jessica Switzman, MSN, CRNA moderated by Linda Stone, DNP, CRNA. 

#13: 2016, Washington, D.C.

CAPT George Ceremuga, DO "Self-Care for the Mind, Body and Spirit" 

  • Wellness Milestones article: 2016 Jan Stewart Memorial Lecture Preview: An Interview with George Ceremuga - July 2016 (PDF)

#12: 2015, Salt Lake City
William B. Baun, EPD, CWP, FAWP (1948 - 2016) "Empowering Calm Through Engaged Resilience"

  • Wellness Milestone article on conversation with Bill Baun: Occupational Stress and the Resilience to Overcome - July 2015 (PDF)
  • Lecture offered in the AANA Learn Wellness catalog for CRNAs 
    and student nurse anesthetists learning and stress reduction.

#11: 2014, Orlando
Anita Bertrand, CRNA, MS "Making Lemonade: One CRNA's Story of Addiction and Recovery" 

#10: 2013, Las Vegas
Maria van Pelt, CRNA, MS, MSN "The Aftermath of Perioperative Catastrophes: Our (CRNAs) Voices are Finally Heard!"

#9: 2012, San Francisco
Chris Crowley "Younger Next Year"

#8: 2011, Boston

Martin Iguchi, PhD "How Goes the War on Drugs?"

#7: 2010, Seattle

Delancy Street Foundation "The Power to Change" conversation with Wellness Committee members Terry Wicks, CRNA, MHS and Patti Bright, CRNA, MS

#6: 2009, San Diego

Jeanne Stawiecki, CRNA "Ordinary to Extraordinary"

#5: 2008, Minneapolis

David Romanelli "Livin' the Moment"

#4: 2007, Denver

William Cope Moyers "Further Along the Broken Road to Recovery"

#3: 2006, Cleveland

Mark Therrien "Laughter is Contagious" (Broken Links

#2: 2005, Washington, D.C.

Michael Roizen, MD "Real Age: Getting Younger and Being Healthier"

#1: 2004, Seattle

Douglas Cook, MD "CRNA, An At Risk Provider"

About Jan Stewart

Named after our respected colleague, 1999 - 2000 AANA President Jan Stewart, CRNA, ARNP, the Jan Stewart Memorial Wellness Lecture Series features speakers on wellness-related topics at each AANA Nurse Anesthesia Annual Congress. 

See Jan Stewart In Memoriam

  • Jan's achievements as AANA President
  • Jan's daughter Sarah speaks about her mother in the About Wellness video

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Photo Highlights

Jan Stewart Speakers 2018Left to right, 2018 Panelists Linda KenneyRick van Pelt, MD, MBA, and Maria van Pelt, PhD, CRNA. You'll find the video of this lecture (1.75 CE) on AANA Learn in the Wellness catalog: Jan Stewart Memorial Lecture: Another Day of Surgery - Lessons at the Sharp End of Care




Jan Stewart 2017 SeattleLeft to right, 2017 Panelists Brian Selai, MSN, CRNA, Jessica Switzman, MSN, CRNA, Brad Hutto, MHS, CRNA, and moderator Linda Stone, CRNA, DNP, Chair AANA Peer Assistance Advisors Committee, and Sarah Stewart Gomes.


Jan Stewart Speakers 1Left to right, Linda Stone, CRNA, DNP, Chair AANA Peer Assistance Advisors Committee, 2015 speaker William B. Baun, EPD, CWP, FAWP (1948 - 2016), and LCDR Tiffany Uranga, CRNA, DNP, NC, USN, FY 15-16 Chair AANA Health and Wellness Committee. Bill passed away in November 2016, condolences to his family and continued gratitude for Bill's resilient spirit he shared so generously with us.  




Jan Stewart Speakers 2Left to right, 2014 speaker Anita Bertrand, CRNA, MS; Linda Stone, CRNA, MSN, chair AANA Peer Assistance Advisors Committee; Sarah Stewart Gomes and daughter Amelya.




Jan Stewart Speakers 32013 speaker Maria van Pelt, CRNA, MS, MSN being introduced by FY 2013 AANA Health and Wellness Committee Chair, Janet Dewan, CRNA, MS