Enhanced Recovery Shared Interest Group

Welcome to the Enhanced Recovery Shared Interest Group (ER SIG) webpage!

This group has formed around a shared interest in the topic of Enhanced Recovery and its’ impact on clinical practice, interdisciplinary collaboration and patient outcomes. 

Learn more about the ER SIG in the FAQs below:

What is the purpose of the ER SIG?

The ER SIG will focus on engaging the profession in ER implementation, interprofessional communication skills, and continued quality improvement for program sustainability.

With AANA staff support and resource access to facilitate our work, this SIG will provide our expertise to provide tools, skills, and a network for AANA members that will assist in their ER program development, implementation and sustainability.  Ultimately, our goal is to share knowledge amongst the CRNA community with the hope to optimize patient outcomes utilizing ER principles combined with innovative perioperative medicine.

Enhanced recovery has grown exponentially and has become a staple in a wide array of surgical specialties, ranging from the everyday to complex procedures. With less than 20 percent of facilities currently engaged in at least one ER pathway, there is great opportunity to engage CRNAs as leaders to improve the patient interdisciplinary care experience and outcomes.

What is the ER SIG Mission?

To provide a member driven platform that empowers CRNA’s to deliver innovative, research-based care utilizing Enhanced Recovery care pathways to deliver perioperative care using a comprehensive, interdisciplinary, patient-centered framework.

Who is leading the ER SIG?

The ER SIG is led by Joshua Newman, MSN, CRNA and a core steering committee.  SIG membership is comprised of CRNA members who are affiliated with the American Society for Enhanced Recovery (ASER), Evidence Based Perioperative Medicine (EBPOM-USA), and others who are experts in the field of ER implementation.

Can I be a member?

This is a pilot SIG, therefore the membership number is limited to 25 members, who are dedicated to implementation of ER protocols, available to actively participate in calls and resource development, and can commit time to building this initiative with the support of AANA staff.  

A few spots still remain, therefore if you are interested in joining the SIG, send you CV and a brief description of your experience with ER to practice@aana.com.

Why is this a ‘pilot’ SIG?

The secondary goal of the SIG is to help AANA evaluate the formation and structure of a SIG and make recommendations on how to operationalize this format to expand to other areas of interest. 

How can I engage with the SIG?

The ER SIG will be actively posting on the AANAConnect General Community, developing resources, and presenting at AANA Annual Congress.  

What if I have more questions?

Please contact the Professional Practice Division at practice@aana.com with any questions.