Health and Wellness Committee

FY2019 Health and Wellness Committee

From left to right: Moe Milne, JD, CRNA; Elyse Parchmont, DNP, MSN, CRNA; Patricia Parolari, MS, CRNA, chair; Kelly Gallant, PhD, BSN, RN, student representative; Cynthia Farina, DNP, CRNA; Lynn Reede, DNP, MBA, CRNA, FNAP; Joshua Lea, DNP, MBA, MS, CRNA.

HEALTH and WELLNESS Committee position description Oct 2017

Committee Purpose

The Ad Hoc Health & Wellness Committee (H&W) designs, implements, and monitors programs that foster lifelong healthy behavior decisions for AANA members.  The committee’s mission recognizes personal and professional risk factors (such as workplace and personal stress, other physical and mental disorders including substance use disorder) and strives to address these in a manner that promotes a balanced and fulfilling personal and professional life.  H&W works in solidarity and collaboration with the Practice and Peer Assistance Advisors committees. 

Meeting Dates

  • One face-to-face committee meeting. Conference calls to be scheduled to meet planning needs (min. 4/year).  
  • AANA meeting attendance as individually assigned:  One individual to represent both H&W and Peer Assistance will be assigned and funded to attend AANA assembly meetings – Fall Leadership Academy, Assembly of School Faculty and Mid-Year Assembly.  The student representative and the walk/run chair are funded to attend the Annual Congress.   
  • Any committee member attending an AANA meeting during their term acts as a representative of the committee and, if at all feasible, is expected to assist the assigned/funded committee member. 
  • Additional time involved to handle email correspondence and environmental scanning for topics or concerns related to provider health & wellness. 

For the Fiscal Year 2020 Committee:

  • ​September 13-15, 2019 - Park Ridge, Ill.

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