Finance Committee

Finance Committee

FY2018 AANA Finance Committee

Standing, from left: Paul Packard, DNAP, MSNA, CRNA, chair; Robert Gauvin, MS, CRNA, AANA Treasurer; Kim Paczesney, former AANA Senior Director of Finance; Chris Bartels, MS, CRNA, APRN; Kelly Petz, DNAP, MS, CRNA; Bruce Weiner, DNP, MSNA, CRNA, AANA President; Larry Smith, JD, CAE, former AANA Chief Operating Officer; Randall Moore, DNP, MBA, MSN, CRNA, AANA Chief Executive Officer; Dean Comber, MBA, PMP®, CSM®, LSSGB, AANA Chief Finance and Innovation Officer.

FINANCE Committee Position Description Oct 2017 

AANA Bylaw Language

Article VII, Section 5, E: Finance Committee

The Finance Committee shall be comprised of the President-elect, Treasurer, and at least two other Active members. It shall prepare for presentation and approval the AANA’s annual budget and shall make recommendations for financing the strategic objectives of the AANA.

Meeting Dates

  • Miscellaneous conference calls
  • Two face to face meetings in Chicago IL generally one in the winter and one in the summer
  • Time to work on any sub work groups based on annual charges

AANA Staff

  • Dean Comber, MBA, PMP®, CSM®, Chief Finance and Information Officer